Designing Removeable Memory onto a PCB

11:30 - 12:10

Many applications require removable memory devices. Purposes include in-field data logging and providing products with software updates in scenarios where wired networking is impossible and wireless networking is either also impossible or simply undesirable. When embedding a removable memory device into a product there are a variety of challenges. These include countering potential obsolescence of a selected form factor, addressing security concerns and designing for the physical environment. Bespoke form factor devices and their corresponding PCB-mounted receptacles provide solutions to all these challenges.


  1. How to assure product longevity through appropriate form factor selection
  2. How to reduce security risks
  3. Which physical environmental considerations should be factored in and why
  4. Which receptacle mounting options are available for bespoke form factor devices
  5. PCB routing issues for high speed memory devices

Richard Warrilow, Technical Author, Nexus