Quadra Solutions

Quadra is unique in the PCB design world.

By combining the experience and skill that comes from being of one of the largest UK PCB design, manufacture and assembly services, with our exceptional PCB design software knowledge and support, all underpinned by our extensive training and professional development courses, Quadra are at the forefront of electronic and PCB design.

With over 100 years combined experience, our team of highly-skilled IPC CID+ PCB design engineers work closely with customers to complete over 300 designs a year, designs which encompass varying levels of complexity and board technologies.

We provide comprehensive support and training for our PCB design software solution, CADSTAR, one of the most widely used design software’s in the UK, providing users with a complete PCB Design environment, helping engineers take their designs from initial concept through to product realisation.

Quadra has now further expanded to offer training in IPC certification, delivering the highly coveted PCB design certification, IPC CID and the Advanced IPC CID+.

Stand number: 104
Telephone: 01254 301 888